Mendy Dubov

Managing Partner

Mendy Dubov is the managing partner and co founder of Jump Agency.

He specializes in marketing, client engagement, public speaking, team trainings, and brand development. Mendy runs the Jump location in Florida.

He has trained and coached athletes and performers on all levels in various sports and industries.

Mendy believes that optimal performance is achievable by any athlete for any performance as long as they have done the proper mental preparation to ensure that there is a clear mind-body connection. He uses NLP, performance coaching, and the JUMP Profiles to help his clients reach peak performance in and away from their sport.

He holds a Talmudic Law degree and various Coaching and NLP certifications.


  • Co-Founder at Jump Agency
  • Founder of Yellow Mentality
  • Certified Professional Coach – IPEC
  • Host of The Yellow Mentality Podcast

Personal Skills

Performance Coaching
Public Speaking
Brand Development
Team Trainings

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